• No refunds or exchanges on all orders. No returns accepted.
  • We require payment upfront and in-full to start production.
  • Any order discrepancies or errors must be reported within 15 days from time your order was delivered to you or picked up, unless the issue is related to printing related failures.
  • Customer is responsible for ensuring the blank item ordered meets their needs before ordering and approving the item for production, and blank samples can be provided beforehand. Merch Monster is not responsible for customer dissatisfaction with sizing, fit, color, materials, etc and et al.
  • Print placement can vary an average of ½ inch and up to 1” in any direction with up to 10 degrees of skew in any direction
  • The industry spec, ISO 12647-2 for tolerance is for a Delta E <5 for solid ink patches. That means your printed color can vary from the stated Pantone colors on your proofs up to Delta E5 for all print methods and types.
  • Quotes provided are based on the assumption that we are doing all of the printing at the same time. If you need to split the printing timeline, you will be charged separately for two print runs due to reduced efficiency.
  • Garment pricing is for S-XL sizes only unless otherwise specified. Sizes XXL and larger require an additional upcharge.
  • Returned garments will incur a 30% restocking fee and shipping costs back to our vendor.
  • All production runs have a 5% allowable defect rate for each printed location. Any misprints or defects within the allowable defect rate will be credited to your account if we supply the goods, otherwise customer assumes the loss up to 5% on any goods that are supplied to us. Any misprints or defects in excess of the allowable 5% defect rate will be reproduced or credited at our discretion. Merch Monster is not responsible for replacing any customer supplied garments that are damaged, lost, destroyed, or otherwise not returned to the customer that are within allowable 5% defect rate.
  • Customer supplied garments must be delivered to Merch Monster as follows otherwise a minimum of $50 additional fee will be applied, per order. Each carton must be marked with the customer name and the unique job number. Garments must be shipped to the correct address. We have different addresses for embroidery and screen printing production.
  • Customer supplied garments that are individually folded incur an additional charge of $.10 per item. Customer supplied garments that are individually bagged incur an additional charge of $.30 per item. These fees are necessary to account for the additional labor required to prepare the items for printing.
  • Standard variation for artwork placement on any garment is .25″ with a max variation of .5″ in any direction.
  • Merch Monster is NOT responsible for errors or omissions after the proof has been approved and the job printed.
  • Artwork files and proofs can be changed anytime before you approve your print job. After you approve your proof online, Merch Monster cannot guarantee that we will be able to update your artwork files or proof since your job will be sent to our production department to be printed on one of our presses.
  • All price quotes are valid for 30 days.
  • All quotes subject to revision based on customer changes or upon review of final artwork.
  • Free shipping does not apply to orders where customers are supplying their own blank goods for decoration.
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