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Frequently Asked Questions

About Merch Monster

What is Merch Monster
We are the Bay Area’s leading promotional products company! Check out our work by clicking the links above.

General Information

Is this multi-level marketing?
No, we are not an MLM company. You get paid straight commissions on products and services that you sell. There are no product purchases or costs that are required.

How old do I need to be to apply?
You must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Are there any qualifications for this position?
No experience is required, however there are a few things you need.
You must be dedicated to customer service, be a self-starter, and willing to put yourself out there to make sales. Additionally, you need a computer, phone and internet access.

Is this position remote?
Yes, you can do this from the comfort of your own home. No travel is involved.

Is this open to part-time applicants?
Yes, this is a great opportunity for part-time applicants with busy schedules. It’s also a great gig for students with heavy course loads.

What’s the average yearly income of a Merch Monster sales representative?
This depends on a number of factors. A full-time sales representative who works hard every day to find and sell to clients can easily make six figures over the course of a year.

Would you consider hiring an ex-con or a recovering addict?
We believe in giving everybody a shot. All you need to do is have a desire to work hard and sell.

Can we schedule a call to discuss the Sales Representative program?
We will schedule in-person interviews with short-listed applicants who watch the webinar and complete the web form.

Applying to the Program

How does the hiring process work?
After watching the webinar video, you should be directed to an application page. Just fill out the online application and hit the submit button. We’ll reach out to you once we’ve reviewed it.

Ok, I’ve applied. Now what?
Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll determine whether you’d make a good fit as a Merch Monster sales representative. If we think you have what we’re looking for, we’ll send you an email asking for a one-on-one interview to get to know you better. If we decide you have the qualifications we’re looking for after the interview, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to register for the program.

How long till I can start selling after I register?
It will probably be about 2 weeks until you start making sales. During the first few days, you’ll learn about client prospecting and begin the sales process by putting your first prospects list together.

The Sales Representative Position

What is my employment status?
The sales representative position is considered a 1099 contractor.

Will you provide a phone and computer?
No. As a contractor, you are responsible for providing your own equipment. We do, however, provide instructions on how to set up a free Google Voice VoIP account as part of the training courses.

Are there any sales quotas I have to meet?
We don’t have sales quotas. Because this is a commission only position, you get paid when you make sales. If you don’t make any sales, you don’t make any money. However, the reverse is also true. If you make a ton of sales, the commission rate is uncapped and constant for every sale, regardless of its size. So if you make a $50,000 sale, you’ll make 50% of all the profits on the sale above a 35% gross margin, just the same as you would on a $5,000 sale.

Is this position commission only, or is there a base-pay rate?
The position is commission only with uncapped commissions and a straight 50% commission on gross profit, which is equivalent to 17.5-20% of total revenue if you hit your margin targets.

We know reps who are doing 4-5 million a year total revenue, which would equate to a $800k-1MM annual commissions at target margins. So really, the sky’s the limit.

But you’re getting so much more than just commissions. You get access to online training courses (an over $1,000 value alone), an amazing support community and professional assistance with all of your technical and marketing needs. And this is all free just for being in the Sales Representative program. We’re investing in your education and success upfront. You won’t find that anywhere else.

How do I get paid?
You can receive your commission through either check or direct deposit. We use a payment portal to schedule and distribute payments. After you make your first sale, we will enroll you in the payment portal and schedule your first commission payment. Commission payments are made monthly.

Do you take taxes out of my commissions?
No. As a contractor, you are responsible for your full tax burden. Your commissions will be paid in gross. We recommend setting aside part of every commission you make so you can meet your tax burden at the end of the year.

Do I have to pay for anything upfront?
Absolutely not! Joining the program is completely free, and there are no product purchases or upfront costs required. We’ll provide the materials. You just need to sell them.

Are there benefits?
The Sales Representative is a 1099 contractor position. You will be responsible for acquiring your own benefits.

Does Merch Monster provide leads?
Merch Monster does not provide you with sales leads. As a sales representative, it will be your job to go out and find new clients, convince them to do business with you and collect orders from them. While we don’t provide leads, we do provide tools and resources to teach you how to do research to find them. It’s all part of our online training curriculum.


What kind of things are in the online training courses?
Are online training program consists of a comprehensive list of instructional videos, article and assignments designed to make you familiar with the promotional product industry, the types of products we sell and the finer points of the sales process. You will also gain access to helpful sales strategies and specialized tools.

Will I get paid for taking the training courses?
No. You will not be compensated for the time you spend training. The training courses are a free tool designed to help give you the skills you will need to be a successful sales representative.

How long will it take to go through training?
How long it will take you to complete training depends on how much time you devote to it. If you train full-time, the courses can be completed in a week or two. If you spend time here and there on the learning modules, training will take longer. You don’t have to complete the training all at once, one of the great things about being a sales rep for Merch Monster is the flexibility. However, we strongly encourage spending some time every day working through it. The sooner you complete training, the sooner you can start making commission.

Note: Due to the limited amount of space in the program, we will remove anyone who has been inactive in their training for more than thirty days.

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