Easy visualization for screen printed logos

Here are some simple tips on how you can use a regular piece of 8.5” x 11” paper to visualize how large your prints will be.

1. Large Front Graphics

Large Screen Print Graphic Sizing

If you want a nice, big graphic, 11 to 13 inches is typically the size of what you’ll print on the shirt, depending on the size of your shirt. The longest side of a sheet of paper is 11 inches long, giving you a nice visual representation of how large your graphic may look on a shirt.

2. Medium Sized Shirt Graphics

Medium Sized Screen Printed Graphic Sizing

If you line up the short side of the piece of paper, you’ll get a good approximation of how your eight and a half inch wide print will look like after we print it on your shirt.

3. Small Sized Shirt Graphics

Small Sized Screen Printed Graphic Sizing

An easy way to visualize a small front logo is by folding the long side of a paper in half. This gives you a good approximation of how a smaller, centered logo will look like when it’s printed on a shirt.

4. Left Chest Print (Pocket Logo)

Left Chest and Shirt Pocket Screen Printed Graphic Sizing

Typically, a good size for a chest print is between 3 and 4 inches wide. If you the wide end of the sheet of paper in half again, you get a 4.25” space, giving you a good visualization of how large your 4” graphic can look. If you fold it in by around an inch, you can compare the 4” with the 3” size to see which works best for you.

5. Sleeve Print

Screen Printed T-shirt Sleeve Prints

If you’re considering a screen printed sleeve graphic, the rule of thumb is around 2 inches wide. By folding your 4.25 inch sheet in half, you’ll have a sheet around 2 inches wide. That’s the exact size of the print we have on this sleeve.

6. Extra Tip: Finger Visualization

Finger sizing visualization for screen printing

One other way that screen printers approximate measurements is by using their hands. Placing three fingers down on a shirt is around the size of a sleeve print, or two inches wide. Placing four fingers down will give you a width of around 3 inches and five fingers will be around 4 inches, giving you the rough size of a chest print.

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