1. Submit print ready artwork

Having artwork that is not print ready will stall your project as we cannot start key tasks until we have artwork. Additionally it takes time to fix the problems in bad artwork.

Check out our FAQ on print ready artwork.

2. Provide a mockup

Our graphic design team will create a proof for your project based on the information you provide to our sales team. If we don’t have enough information, our team will simply use best practices.

If you want to make the proof approval process go faster, you can send us a mockup with the following information
– Placement of artwork
– Size in inches
– Locations

3. Specify ink colors

If you do not supply color codes to us for matching, our graphic design team will determine whether we are using stock color substitution or pantone matching. See link to article below.

To make the process go faster, specify the following colors to be used when printing your job:
Stock colors
Pantone color codes for matching

4. Garment styles and colors

    Sometimes the garment selection process takes time. To accelerate the process we recommend the following:

  • Provide backup options in advance f you’re trying to run many different styles of garments. Invariably one garment style will be OOS and require us to wait for direction.
  • Be flexible & responsive regarding garment substitutions.
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