Every Shirt is Different

When you start your project, Merch Monster can recommend thousands of shirts for you. Choosing a shirt to print on is the same as buying anything online. There’s a myriad of options, each with their own unique quality and feel. After you submit a quote request, Merch Monster will work with you to determine the goals for your project and recommend a couple of options that will work best for your project.

Our Recommendation

Our team will take into consideration information such as: your budget, the desired quality and softness of your shirts, and the lifestyle of your customers in order to find you the best options for your brand. After processing your objectives, Merch Monster will send you links to products that we believe will be a good fit for your business.

Similar to shopping for anything online, your only resources before deciding the base material for your print will be pictures and product descriptions. Although these are accurate, there’s always the chance that you receive the product and it doesn’t fit how you expected it, or it doesn’t feel like how you hoped it would.

Every Shirt is Different

100% cotton tshirt comparison

Pictured above are two, 100% cotton shirts. Online, both shirts may look exactly the same. However, the shirt on the left is made of carbon open-end cotton. The carbon open-end cotton is cheaper and typically what you’d get as a promotional giveaway at a career fair or event.

The shirt on the right is a lot softer to the touch and is cut a narrower, leading to a better body fit. Unfortunately, since screen printing is 100% customized, you can’t return the product after it’s been made; this is why it’s very important to choose the best shirt for your needs before we start printing your shirts.

Sampling a Demo Shirt

To help you save time and money, Merch Monster can help you sample the shirts you’re interested in prior to deciding the base material for your project. Our customers are welcome to come and visit Merch Monster’s display rack in order to feel and try multiple products in person. If you’d like to try a product that we don’t have among our samples, we can order a sample at essentially no cost.

Ordering Custom Sample Shirts

When a customer finds a shirt they like, they can either drop by our office to try multiple styles, or they can request a sample. After requesting a sample, Merch Monster can send our customers a blank sample shirt for a customer to evaluate the feel and fit. Although there’s a charge for the shirt, if a customer chooses to move forward with a larger job, Merch Monster will credit the cost of the sample in the job, essentially giving you a free sample shirt.

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