Free press checks on all orders $5000+

Our clients are often concerned about whether the custom printed products they receive will meet their expectations, particularly on large orders. To address this concern, we are pleased to offer free remote press checks for all orders over $5000.

Prior to the scheduled production start date, Merch Monster will send physical samples/strike-offs via UPS Next Day Air Morning Delivery to our clients. Upon receiving the sample at 8am the following morning, clients can compare it against the approved artwork proof and request any necessary changes or modifications before production commences.

We waive the charge for sending the sample via UPS Next Day Air Morning, in addition to the standard press check fee, and will accommodate any requested changes within the scope of the invoice and the approved digital art proof sent prior to the press check.

The process will follow these steps:

  1. The day before the sample approval date, Merch Monster will commence work on the job by the end of the day.
  2. 2. The printed samples will be approved by the onsite production manager.
  3. 3. The printed samples will be sent via UPS Next Day Air Morning to the client and their account manager.
  4. 4. Merch Monster will be onsite at 9AM, and the job will be ready to start production by 9:30am.
  5. 5. By 9AM, the client needs to provide feedback or approve the physical samples. Please note that if there is a delay due to the client delaying feedback or being unavailable, a charge of $250/hr for lost revenue will be assessed because idle machines do not generate income. Clients will not be held liable for carrier delays, errors, or any other circumstances beyond their control. If desired, clients can sign a waiver for a press check and release Merch Monster of any liability.
  6. Additional notes:
    – The Merch Monster team will be available via Zoom, phone, text, or email at the scheduled press check time.
    – There is no cost for minor modifications such as color toning, placement of artwork within reason, adjusting registration, the feel of the print, etc.
    – The client is responsible for any costs associated with change requests that are outside the scope of the paid invoice and approved art proof.

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