November is almost here, and with it, the most harrowing time of year for businesses around the country: The holiday season! Along with making preparations for the biggest selling period of the year, many businesses are starting to look towards holiday-themed promotional merchandise. Whether to give out during specials to their customers, or as thank yous to their employees for all their hard work throughout the year, choosing which items to gift can be a big decision.

There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to promotional items. But you don’t just want to slap your logo on any old thing. You want the best. Luckily for you, we’ve been keeping our ear to the ground this season and have come up with the 5 Hottest Holiday Gifts for Staff and Customers.

So sit back, grab a nice hot cup of cocoa, and get ready to start making your list.

1. Custom Christmas Ornaments

If you’re looking to spread holiday cheer this season, look no further than a custom ornament.

Christmas ornaments aren’t just decorations, they’re a special part of people’s holiday traditions. Gifting an ornament is a great way to share the spirit of the holidays with your customers and staff. It also has an added bonus of increased exposure for your brand. Think about it. The purpose of an ornament is to go on a Christmas tree. People typically set their trees up in the focal point of their homes. So every time they pass by their tree, they’ll think of you.

But it doesn’t stop there. The holiday season is entertaining season. So whenever your customers or staff have company over, they’ll see your ornament too.

Merch Monster offers three types of ornaments.

These custom PVC ornaments are a great way to add a dash of color to every tree. They can be cut into any shape you want, and printed with up to four separate colors. They also come ready to hang on the tree with a stylish ribbon that’s built to last waaay longer than those flimsy ornament hooks.

If you want these, you have to order now! They’re some of our most popular ornaments, and they don’t stay in stock very long.

Custom Christmas Ornaments - Etched Metal
Custom Christmas Ornaments – Etched Metal

If you’re looking for something to set you apart this holiday season, these etched metal ornaments are for you.

These ornaments boast a sleek metal design that can be cut into any shape you want, and etched with a personalized message. They’re metal composition makes them durable to normal wear and tear, so they’ll out last other ornaments, guaranteeing years upon years of brand exposure.

These ornaments come with your choice of a fabric hanging ribbon or a metallic string.

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. If you’re trying to go for a traditional or retro feel this holiday season, these round ornaments will do the trick.

These golden oldies come in five different colors: satin green, satin blue, satin red, satin silver and snow. They also come with a plastic ornament hanger.

But their most stunning feature is the fancy box they come in tied with a decorative cord. Putting your brand on these guys will lead to one classy Christmas.

2. Personalized Jackets

There’s just something about giving someone a gift to keep them warm during cold weather. It demonstrates you care about their wellbeing with actions that speak far louder than words.

Jackets are the perfect holiday gift. They get plenty of use, if they’re comfortable people will wear them everywhere and they often get kept to be used over and over again year after year.

Now imagine putting a logo or slogan on something like that. People would think of your brand every time it gets worn. Whenever they go out, you get tons of exposure. Talk about a Christmas bonus!

Merch Monster offers all sorts of personalized jackets from well-known brands like Eddie Bauer, North Face, Ogio and Carhartt so you can give the gift of style this holiday season.

Embroidery is a popular choice for jackets, but it takes a while to do it right – And Merch Monster prides itself on doing the best job possible when it comes to decorating. So if you’re looking to grab some jackets in time for the holidays, you might want to consider ordering soon.

3. Blankets

Like jackets, blankets are a warm promotional item that ensures you’ve got your customers and staff covered – literally. Winter is the perfect season to curl up with a warm blanket and binge the newest season of your favorite streamed show. Better yet, why not curl up with three of them to binge in maximum comfort?

Blankets are one of those items where you can never have too many. If it gets too cold, you can just add more. Have company over? Well, it’s a great thing you have 17 of them for all your friends and family. Like Jackets, blankets will definitely see usage in the coming months.

We’ll be honest, branded blankets may not see as much exposure as some of the other items on this list. But here’s a secret. The power behind the branded blanket does not lie with exposure, it’s all about the good vibes. Blankets have this magical power to make people feel warm, safe, comfortable and relaxed. If those all sound like good things to have your brand associated with, you’d be absolutely correct. When you’re gifting a promotional blanket, what you’re really gifting is awesome experiences and fond memories. In our humble opinion, there’s no better way to say thank you to a customer or an employee.

Merch Monster offers a variety of blankets to fit every style and comfort preference. So you can rest assured that whoever you give them too, they’ll absolutely love it.

Like jackets, embroidery is a very popular decoration choice for blankets. Merch Monster gets really busy with embroidery work around this time of year. So order quickly if you want your customers to be experiencing that warm fuzzy feeling before Christmas.

4. Mugs and Tumblers

Mugs are the omnipurpose gift. Oh, is it Boss Appreciation Day already? Why thank you! This World’s Greatest Boss mug is perfect! It’s your friend Steve’s birthday? Wow, he loved that mug with a funny inside joke printed on it. It’s time to get the Christmas gifts for the employees. Guess what everyone’s getting (spoiler alert: it’s an awesome custom mug with a charming reference from The Office).

You get the point. Mugs are the one gift that never goes out of style. But more importantly, sales for mugs skyrocket around the holidays. Why? Because it’s cold outside and holding a warm cup of tea in the morning is one of life’s simple, yet elegant, pleasures.

Or more likely, it’s because you can use mugs anywhere. At home, at the office, while taking your kids to school, to hold pencils in the classroom etc. And everyone’s always hunting for more mugs to use. Whether that’s because you keep putting off doing the dishes is between you and your conscience, but the fact remains that people will always find ways to use mugs people give them. Put your brand on one and boom. You’re the first thing people think of when they get up in the morning.

Likewise, tumblers also make great holiday gifts for the same reason. They’re like mugs, but mobile. And they come with lids, so you can avoid accidental spillages when you get caught in surprise holiday shopping traffic. They’re also insulated, so you can keep all those toasty beverages toastier for longer.

Need a traditional ceramic mug? Got you covered. Looking for a camp mug? They’re back in style this year, and we got em’. Whatever your mug or tumbler needs, Merch Monster has a wide selection to guarantee satisfaction.

5. Custom Throw Pillows

Okay, we probably sound like a bad holiday rerun at this point, but we’re gonna say it again because it’s that important: Holiday season is entertaining season.

Throw pillows are the garnishes of the furniture world. Their color and style can really help tie a room together. During entertaining season, nothing is more important than the impression your home décor gives off. This is why custom throw pillows are a fantastically underrated gift. If you really want to stand out this season, throw some throw pillows around. Few other businesses would think their holiday gifts through enough to offer them, and it’s something unique people will hold on to.

Plus, when you give the gift of throw pillows, you’re giving your customers and employees a gift they can put to use immediately preparing for all those holiday visits.

Merch Monster offers throw pillows in three different sizes, 12 X 12, 16 X 16 and 18 X 18, so no matter the size of your customer’s living room, you can still make an impact. All pillows are offered in different colors and fabric choice to suit style and taste, and can be decorated on both sides.

Need some help packing your sleigh with presents? Merch Monster knows a thing or two about freezing out the competition with custom holiday merchandise. Our elves are working especially hard this season to deliver the best brand experiences yet. Let’s chat, and come up with ways that you can have a very happy holiday.

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