The Garage

Like many Bay Area businesses, Merch Monster started in a garage. I needed a change from my career in IT project management and decided to revisit my passion for making physical products.

A few years prior I started an online t-shirt company, and worked with many screen printers. There were numerous challenges including non-existent customer service, lack of quality control and unpredictable delivery times.

It made me realize that there was an opportunity to improve the screen printing experience. So I decided to start a screen printing company committed to selling high-quality products with outstanding customer service.

850 High Street

When Merch Monster started, I was operating two businesses just to make ends meet: screen printing and order fulfillment.

The fulfillment business was the one that allowed us to move into our first space just a few months after we opened. I landed a contract to pack and ship 5000+ duffel bags, and used the pre-payment for that order to lease a warehouse space.

After we moved in, the screen printing business grew rapidly at a rate of 30% month over month! At times it was extremely challenging to keep up with the pace of such a fast growing business.

Eventually I decided that running two businesses was too much, and dissolved the fulfillment business.

1030 22nd Avenue

Thanks to the support of our fantastic customers, I was able to scale our business quickly. We kept upgrading our equipment and technology infrastructure to support the needs of our growing customer base.

It became clear very quickly that we had outgrown our starter space, when we started producing orders in the thousands of shirts in just our tiny 1000 square foot space.

So I started looking for a new space and luckily found a 6500 square foot warehouse adjacent to downtown Oakland. Moving everything was a lot of work, but it’s paid off, and we could not have scaled the business if we had not moved!

Even though we’ve come a long way in a short amount of time, I still look at where we’re at as the beginning of our journey. I hope we can help serve your needs for many years to come.

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